Existence is high & low levels of darkness

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High level of darkness has no beginning and no end. High level of darkness has no shape nor form. What we call beginning & end and shape & form is a low level of darkness.

Big Bang : low level of energy

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What scientists call the “Big Bang Theory” is really not a theory but plagiarism. It is the plagiarism of the high level of darkness reducing itself to a low level – for light to take form & shape and have a beginning & end. The real big bang is the creation of light by darkness. This happens when darkness goes into a low energy level (take form & shape) & then the form that is created is caused to collide with its equal but opposite half.

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This phenomenon replicates itself a trillion & trillion times daily all around & in us – one does not need to built a multi billion dollar expirement to study (observe) it. It is in:

  • fertilization of an egg by a sperm
  • sun rays penetrating chlorophyll or skin
  • Sound absorbed by the ear drum

The sperm, egg, sun, chlorophyll, skin, sound & eardrum are all the same thing replicated differently -low levels of darkness. They all have a beginning (source) & an end (get transformed). That is what they  were designed to do – high level of darkness reduced itself into a low level. The reduction goes on & on in replication & multiplication. They are in a continuum of transforming from one form into another. The big bang, real big bang is the beginning of light.

Creation of light


Below: Thermonuclear Fusion (“Each second, the sun transforms 700 million tons of hydrogen gas into 695 million tons of helium gas through the nuclear reaction of fusion”) ~ hopkinsschools.org

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Scientists, NASA & Organised religions make the mistake of labeling light as the beginning. Light is a by product of colliding forms or shapes. The collision of the forms & shape is just a stage in the reduction of darkness from a high level to a low level. It cannot define the forms or shapes. It most certainly cannot define its creator – high level of darkness. The big bang simulation is the observation of one but very basic step of the reduction of high level of darkness into low level of darkness – it will not tell us much about the “creator” (High level of darkness). They are indeed searching for a beginning of light – they do not know that they will never find it. Because they are searching for an illusion – high level of darkness has no beginning & end and light is low level of darkness therefore its beginning & end are in high level of darkness.




High level of darkness

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High level of darkness is the creator of low level of darkness. High level of darkness has no creator because it ha no shape nor form, no beginning nor end and it is not there – “it is what it is”. It is nothing – “in nothing there is everything & in everything there is nothing”. High level of darkness replicates & multiplies itself in:

  • the subconsccious
  • emotions
  • dark energy
  • dark matter


The Star Worship

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A star is a low level of darkness. It was built to be quantified & manipulated because it is reduction (“manipulation”) of high level of darkness. The problem is when we make a star our center – our existence.

Below: Star worship presented as science

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That is the problem with so called scientists, NASA and organized religions. They are star worshipers – worshipers of a low level of darkness.

  • In religion they place light  at the center of existence.
  • Scientists place the “Big Bang Theory” (light) at the center of existence.
  • NASA places manipulation of matter (light) at the center of existence.

It is one & the same thing replicated multiple times differently. The people that have made NASA, science & religions their center are themselves star worshipers. They just like NASA, scientists & religious leaders see themselves as stars.

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What do you see all above & around you?

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What you see every time you look up in the sky is your mirror. You see what is inside you. If you look for & see stars that is what is inside you. But there is only one reality – darkness is over 99% of what is above & all around while stars are less than 1%.  Imagine that? You’ve been ignoring over 99% & only focusing on less than 1%. That is what star worship does. It makes us switch off 99% of ourselves. NASA, Science & religions are all focused on the less than 1% – they cannot even fully understand the less than 1%.

The 1% is inside us too – you have light (suns & stars) inside you too but they are less than 1% of what is inside you. Existence has one center – that is existence. The center of existence is existence. Existence is darkness (predominantly high level of darkness & a minor low level of darkness).


NASA never went to space

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First of all there is no space – it is high level of darkness and it is inside us & all around us. You do not need a space ship (light) to go into high level of darkness. When you look at NASA’s so called space exploration, you see light all over it:

  • the rocket
  • spaceship
  • landing (matter)
  • samples (matter)
  • the eyes of the astronauts are highly conscious (in the light)

When they get to what they call space (darkness) they go into a star (light/moon/planet) take samples (light) to bring back on earth (light), so that they can study (put under the light) it and learn (be enlightened) from its properties (light). I can go on & on – it all about the light! You go into darkness with your eyes shut – by switching off your consciousness. Every-time you close your eye you are in darkness – that is not a theory but reality that we all know.

Light (gadgets, rockets, microscopes, etc) cannot quantify & manipulate darkness – that is what NASA is really trying to do (quantify & manipulate high levels of darkness the same way they do with light). If you listen carefully they do admit that they do not know what they are doing & saying – they loose you in all that illusion of numbers & names. They fell for the biggest trick ever – light is a trick of high level of darkness. When you worship light you essentially become a trickster. They think they are manipulating light but they are being tricked – reduced into lesser level of darkness even further.

All star worshipers are tricksters, they just don’t know it but deep down all of them they know that they do not know the truth. they admit it when they say:

  • they are searching for God.
  • searching for God particle.

It is them crying out loud that they do not know what they are doing or saying.


Enter the Darkness

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Learn to see with your eyes closed. Learn to see reality not the trick of reality. Switch on your subconscious (high level of darkness). When it is switched on you won’t even have to close your eyes to go into the darkness. Your eyes will be shut while open. When you look at the light, you will see what really is – a low level of darkness.

To switch on your subconscious you have to slay all your fears. And most importantly your fear of a high level of darkness. You need to be born again – go back to the womb. In the darkness of your mother’s womb you manipulated light (the big bang) to create Divinity in a Temple. How did you do it? You did not have fear of high level of darkness – you were in state of nothingness (high level of darkness). A fear is a replication of the trickster of light – you conquer your fear of a high level of drakness you return to the high level of darkness state.



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Mahlathini Kobane & Skhulu Mthimkhulu


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