Everything is Revealed in Darkness, Everything is Hidden in Light


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Light is revealed in darkness. Because everything is revealed in darkness. When light shines bright, we are “blinded” and we cannot  “see” because everything hides in light. Light is a trick of darkness (reduction of darkness/ darkness hides itself), it is designed to hide (not reveal).


Light Hiding Light


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At day time the stars are literally “hidden” by light. At nightfall the stars are revealed by darkness – the darker it is, the brighter the stars shine (are revealed). Light is a product of darkness – it is defined, reduced & increased by darkness. It is in darkness!


A “School” Hiding The School


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When you look at a “school” or “university”  building you are looking at light (a trick of darkness). What you see is not the university nor school – the school or university are hidden by the light. The real school or university is the human being! The Being (Darkness/Divinity) is the Lecturer/Teacher and the Human (Body/Temple) is the student/learner. The real education & learning only takes places between the Being & the Human. The “school” & “university” are only centers of learning because of the presence of the human beings. There is only one teacher; that is darkness. The “teachers” & “lecturers” are channeling what they received from darkness. There is only one student; that is the body. So called “learners” & “students” are impostors of the body. The school is revealed in darkness & hidden in light.


Darkness Hidden In Light



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We are darkness! Existence is darkness ( high & low level of darkness). Our Being is the high level of darkness and does not reflect light. Our Body is the low level of darkness, reflects light. Our being is hidden in the light of our body. We are not our bodies (atoms, cells, DNA. genes, etc). We are the darkness that is hidden in our bodies. The body is a trick that is hiding reality. We are revealed in inner peace (darkness that is manifested as silence, sleep, mediation, emotions, thoughts, etc.).



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