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Business Tip : The Media


1. Media Coverage is not an achievement

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Do not make the mistake of thinking that media coverage is success. Many business people make the mistake of believing that national and or international media exposure is an achievement. They forget that they did not start their businesses to get media exposure. The media has its agenda, they have an audience that they need to sustain and grow. They see you as a tool that they can use to sustain & grow their audience. Do not for a moment loose focus, where you are tricked into believing that they want to help you achieve your business goals. Miss the hype, likes and retweets and stay focused on your business goals.


2. The media is just a tool


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The media is a tool. That is all it is. A tool of mass communication. You need to understand the media platform that you are targeting and its audience. Set out clear business objectives that you want to achieve through your targeted media coverage. The results you will get through your media coverage will be enhanced by your comprehensive understanding of the media that is giving you the coverage. It is all about your level of understanding of the media & your ability to use the it. Learn everything that you can about your targeted media platforms and their audiences thereof.



3.The media cannot give you overnight success


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Do not attempt to cut corners to your “way to the top” through media coverage. Media coverage might give you hype but it cannot give you sustainable growth. You achieve sustainable growth through strong business activities over a long period of time. Use media coverage to connect to customers and then have programs that will help sustain & grow the customer base. I advice that you develop community development campaigns, that use your brand and or products & services for community development, and then get the buy in of the media to communicate the campaign (s). This will help you secure extended media coverage while it encourages the media audience to learn more about your business.


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