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Born Again: Return to Darkness

Darkness in this regard is not a reference of the “darkness” referred to in organized religions. This article is not any form of protection nor promotion of the “darkness” referred to in organized religions – and has no connection whatsoever to it.  We humbly ask you to read the article as you (the you that was in your mother’s womb). To do this you need to remove your filters.

Your filters are your name, race, education, environment, history, religion & beliefs. If you choose to read this article through your filters, you are reading it through the imaginations of others; your  name, race, education, environment, religion, history & beliefs are the imaginations of your parents, circumstances, relationships and the result of your receiving & transmitting of broadcast energies & messages. Remove the blinkers and read the article as yourself & make up your OWN mind.


A day is the birth & death of the sun in darkness!

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  • Dawn is birth of the sun
  • Noon is the sun’s peak
  • Nightfall is the death of the sun

A day is the birth & death of the sun in darkness – The sun is born (rises) in darkness & dies (sets) in darkness. It is at its weakest when it is born & at its strongest when it dies – at noon when the sun is at its peak we start looking forward to nightfall & at nightfall when it is dead we start looking forward to its rising.

We need to realize that we are at our strongest when we are in our mother’s wombs & weakest when we are born (exit). The womb is pitch dark as the the universe because it is a replication of the universe. Exiting the universe is a replication of the rising of the sun. When we are awake (born) we are at our weakest and when we are sleeping (dead) we are at our strongest.


We are created in darkness

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The womb is a pitch dark space (home).We are born in darkness! When we fear darkness we fear our birth. Fearing darkness is literally the fear of the womb (universe). When we are in the womb we are in a God state (the state of nothingness):

  • The laws of nature have no effect on us.
  • We create out of nothing – we create our cells, senses, tissue, bones & organs.
  • We have the ability to produce & target cells to heal our mothers.

The time spent in the  womb is our highest point of our greatness in this realm. When we are in the womb we know the time & date without any gadgets nor concept of time & date. We create super advanced tools out of nothing ; eyes, limbs, brain, lungs, kidney, skin, etc. When we exit the darkness of the womb into the light on earth we are not able to replicate our peak in the womb.


The Universe is darkness

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The universe is darkness – 95% of it is darkness (dark energy + dark matter). We are the universe (replication of the universe ) therefore we are darkness. It is the shortsightedness of scientists to call 5% of the universe normal (normal matter). How can 5% be normal & 95% be abnormal? We are talking about all the darkness you see all around when you look up to the skies at night. Dark matter is the building block of the universe and dark energy is the accelerator of the expansion of the universe.


It is not Space (It is home)

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What scientists wrongfully call space is in fact darkness. Darkness is our home. Darkness is us!It is all around us. To search for “life” in space is a shortsighted and wasteful exercise of searching for what is inside ourselves. There is no separation between us & space (home) – we are in space & space is in us.


Darkness is the state of nothingness

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Dark matter is the model state of nothingness – it is there but it is not there. It is everything but it is nothing. Scientists estimate that dark matter hits an average human being at least once every minute – without any resultant effect(s) to itself & the human being. WE (Mahlathini Kobane & Skhulu Mthimkhulu) SAY, WE COLLIDE WITH DARK MATTER ALL THE TIME – DARK MATTER IS INSIDE US & WE ARE INSIDE DARK MATTER! When we are in the womb, we are there but not there. We are everything & nothing. What we are in the womb is a replication of the state of nothingness. As soon as we exit the womb, we loose that state as we become something (our names, race, environment, social class, education, indoctrination, etc.).


Light is reduced darkness

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The sun is a replication of darkness – all light is reduced darkness. The sun is born in darkness and is surrounded by darkness. When you choose the sun over darkness you are literally choosing reduced darkness over abundant darkness. Darkness has the ability to receive & transmit or do both at the same time while the sun can only transmit. Darkness can be everything & nothing at the same time while the sun is only something. Darkness can be there & not there while the sun can only be there. Choosing darkness is also choosing light because light is weakened darkness.


Fear of darkness is premature birth

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We embrace the darkness of the womb to our exponentially benefit. When we embrace the darkness of the womb we become fully developed & are more than ready when we enter the light. Remember that we are programmed to resist & fight what we fear – so if you fear the darkness of the womb you fear your comprehensive development. That can only lead to premature birth. If you attack the womb because you fear it, you are in fact attacking yourself. If you rush to exit the womb because you fear it, you are in fact running away from your comprehensive development.


Embracing the darkness of the womb is embracing yourself – maximizing the benefits of basking in the state of nothingness. Embracing the womb will make you fully develop – develop fully to survive, flourish dominate earth.


Light flourishes in darkness


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Light is not afraid of darkness nor does it seek to resist or fight it. In fact light flourishes in darkness! Light is in a constant search of darkness. Light enters through the darkness of your pupil in order to penetrate deep into the darkness of your brain where it is transformed & stored forever into memories.


Effects of fear of the womb (premature birth)

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Some of the effects of dear of darkness:

  • You develop sleeping problems
  • You never find peace
  • You develop all kinds of disorders (social, mental, psychological, environmental, spiritual, etc.)
  • You live in a constant state of fear
  • You fear death


Having excessive fear of darkness causes syndromes like

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Some of the syndromes caused by the excessive fear of darkness:

  • Fear of Divinity
  • Worship of fear
  • Genocides
  • Racism, Sexism, Capitalism, Socialism, etc.
  • Exploitation of nature
  • Sustained fight against nature


The real rebirth (to be born again)

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To be born again is to return to darkness – we are born in darkness! It is to rediscover the state of nothingness. It is to take the form of touching without seeking to manipulate & control – dark matter. It is to be in a constant state of development (replication & expansion) – dark energy. It is to loose our fear of darkness. We are talking about real darkness, the one that is inside your mother’s womb! When we return to darkness, we can yet again touch the sun without its ultra violet rays harming us. When we return to darkness,  we are in a constant state of creation & expansion. Return to the darkness!

Did you know?

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  • When they teach you to close your eyes when you pray, they are literally telling you to pray in darkness.
  • You are reading this article from a dark screen and analyzing &  storing it in the darkness of your brain.
  • You emit love from a deep dark universe in you.
  • There is no peace in light – (look at the sun vs the dark skies)
  • It is pitch dark deep inside you, therefore you (your soul) reside blissfully in the darkens in you.


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Mahlathini Kobane & Skhulu Mthimkhulu

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