Welcome to the Web Universe! You are in a constellation of a network of quality & highly innovative, Internet Diamonds (products & services). We are delighted to have you as a villager of JABO Village-Jobs And Business Opportunities Village.

Embrace and share in the Abundance, Enlightment, Passion, Spiritual Intelligence and Ubuntu!

Brief Description

JABO Village is a Web Universe; A Universal search engine with highly specialized Diamonds (products and services).

JABO Diamonds (Products & Services)


  • Businessmarket
  • Communityhub


  • Sales
  • Support
  • Advertising
  • Distribution
  • Marketing & Event Management


JABO Obsession (mission)

We are primarily focused on designing and offering Diamonds (products and services) that enable the users (Villagers) to achieve and exceed their targeted aspirations.

JABO Benchmark (Vision)

Our overall intent is to contribute in building and sustaining a world in which, a high quality of life is easily accessible.

JABO Goals

  • We design and offer innovative and highly efficient Diamonds(products and services).
  • We help make quality and innovative products and services easily accessible.
  • We help make inclusive growth and mass distribution of a high quality of life, the new business standard.
  • We simplify access to success and significance.


JABO Pledge

Humanity will realize its potential. The worker shall break the ceiling and reach new heights. The Entrepreneur shall prosper and dominate.  Yet again Humanity shall prioritize the advancement of all of man.  The mass distribution of a high quality of life shall be the new benchmark. A new dawn has come- A new age of Healing, Light, Love, Ubuntu, Spiritual Intelligence and Abundance. A savior is born.

JABO ‘Umsindisi’ has come!

Details of Director

Founder Mahlathini Kobane